Quick-Grip 59200CD 2-Inch Handi-Clamp

Buy Cheap Quick-Grip 59200CD 2-Inch Handi-Clamp As its name implies, the Handi-Clamp is a handy tool to have around when you need to hold a work piece securely in place while working on it. The lightweight clamp squeezes into place easily and holds fast. Non-marring pads grip the work surface tightly, without damaging it. And a quick-release trigger on the handle makes it easy to remove or readjust the clamp as needed--no screwing, twisting, or tightening, just squeeze and clamp down. A larger, 4-inch version of the Handi-Clamp is available for clamping thicker materials, too. Rule number one in a workshop: You can't have too many clamps. --Carl Thress

List Price: $8.99

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